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What Photography Is & Why people choose this as their Profession with its different types

Photography and photography types

Let's Talk about Photography

It is an art and practice of creating images with a camera. This word comes from the Greek words "phos" meaning "light," and "graphein" meaning "to draw." Through the use of a camera, photographers capture light and create images that can be used for various purposes, such as artistic expression, documenting events, or commercial use.

The invention of this has revolutionized the way we see and understand the world. It has become an important part of our lives, allowing us to capture and preserve memories, document events and people, and communicate ideas and emotions. With the advent of digital technology, it has become more accessible and versatile than ever before, enabling anyone to capture and share images with ease.

Why people choose Photography as Profession

There are many reasons why people choose its as a profession. Here are a few possible reasons:  It can offer a unique blend of creative expression, passion, flexibility, stability, and adventure that can be very rewarding.

  1. Creative expression: It can be a way to express one's creativity and artistic vision. Many photographers enjoy the process of capturing and editing images to create unique and beautiful works of art.

  2. Passion: For some, It is more than just a job - it's a passion. Photographers who love what they do often find fulfillment in capturing meaningful moments and telling stories through their images.

  3. Flexibility:  It  can be a flexible profession, allowing individuals to work on a freelance basis or as part of a larger organization. This can offer greater control over one's schedule and work-life balance.

  4. Demand: There is a constant demand for professional photographers in a variety of fields, including weddings, events, advertising, and journalism. This can make this a stable and financially rewarding career choice.

  5. Travel: Many photographers enjoy the opportunity to travel and capture images from around the world. This can be particularly appealing for those who are passionate about exploring new places and cultures..


Lets Talk About its types

 Now its turn to discuss about the different types and which type of gears to be use in short. for lengthen details you can check our next article of photography types article, 

1)  Wildlife  :- A genre of type that records the life of animals in their natural settings, like in a forest or under water. It often constitutes the images of animals in movement or action such as eating, fighting or in flight. Wildlife photography gear can be quite expensive, so it's important to invest in quality gear that will last a long time and meet your needs as a photographer. In wildlife shoot one must have a camera, Lens , Leofoto Tripod, Teleconverter, Bean bag and a Jealiot camera bag.

2) Wedding :- Wedding is a speciality in type that is a primilary focused on the events and activities related to weddings . In wedding shoots one must have a full frame camera with good low light performance and high resolution to capture high quality images, A wide angle lens for group shots, a powerful and versatile flash, A sturdy and compact Leofoto tripod, Large capacity and high speed memory cards and a comfortable Jealiot Camera Bag

3) Birding :- A genre of Birding that records the life of birds in their natural settings, like in a forest or under water. It often constitutes the images of animals in movement or action such as eating, fighting or in flight. In this shoot one must use a good fast autofocus camera , a long telephoto lens with image stablization, A sturdy and compact Leofoto tripod and a Jealiot Camera Bag.

4) Potrait  :- It is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of the person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops and poses. In this shoot one must have a camera with good quality and high resolution images, A sturdy Leofoto tripod, A Powerful and versatile flash,  fine quality of Photomaa's 5-in-1 reflector and different background cloths.

5) Astro :- It is the type for imaging of astrononical objects, celestial events, areas of the night sky. In this shoot one must use a god low light performance camera with manual control on it for exposure., A Wide angle lens with fast aperture and focal length for capturing night sky, A sturdy Leofoto tripod, A remote shutter to trigger the camera without risk of camera shake, Star tracker telescope, Meco Clear night filters can also be used.

6) Architctural :- It is the sub genre of photography discipline where the primary emphasis is made to capturing photographs of buildings and similar architectural structures that are both asthetically pleasing and acurate in terms of representation of their subjects. For this shoot one can use a camera with good resoution and dynamic range, A wide angle lens with minimal natural sharpness, A long height Leofoto Tripod, Leofoto 3 way or geared head, Tilt shift lens, Meco ND filters, Meco Square Filters can be use.

7) Street : - A genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. In this shoot there is not mucg specific gears but for professionalism one can opt A camera with good low light performance, A versatile Lens, A suitable compact Leofoto Tripod, A small portable flash, Camera Batteries, Memory cards and comfortable sling Jealiot Camera Bag.

8) Food :-  It is an area of photography where food is photographed as the main subject for still images. For this particular shoot ,one must go with a Camera which should have ability to shoot on manual mode, A versatile macro lens, A sturdy Leofoto Tripod, A Diffuser, A Reflector and few props like cutlery, decorative cloth etc.

9) Product :- It is an any image of a particular product for sale. In this shoot one must go with High resolution and good color accuracy Camera like Nikon D850, A versatile macro lens  with focal length 60mm or 100mm is ideal. A sturdy Leofoto Tripod, Life of Photo's Softboxes, Photomaa's Background and light stand etc.

10) Landscape :- It involves daylight photography of nature like mountains,rivers, valleys and also focus on mademade features. There are also many types of landscape types. In this shoot, professional must go with High resolution sensor and good dynamic range Camera, A wide angle lens with focal length of around 14-24mm, A sturdy and compact , lightweighted Leofoto Tripod with Head, Meco CPL and ND filters and a Jealiot Backpack.

11) Sports :- It is generally covers all types of sports. It can also be use for advertising purposes for branding and to build a brand. In thsi shoot one must go with a Camerawith fast auto focus, A suitable telefoto Lens, A Leofoto Tripod/Monopod, High Speed memory cards, Battery grip, Jealiot waterproof Camera bag with rain cover.

12) Macro :- It is a closeup photography for very small living organisms or insects etc. It is the art of making large photographs. In this shoot one must go a Camera with High resolution sensor and a  macro lens with focal length of around 100mm and a sturdy tripod, Extension tubes, Lighting is must.

13) Fashion :- This is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items like jewellery, sandals ,hair accessories or many more items related to this. One must go for a Digital camera with full frame snesor, A lens with wide aperture, Lighting is crucial in this to create the highlight, Lightmodifiers like softboxes, background cloths, A PHOTOMAA Reflector anda sturdy or compact LEOFOTO tripod for shoot.

In Conclusion Photography type are the process of creating images using light and a camera on particular type. it has become more easier with using latest products. One can use particular type of products with a particular category of photography. There are various types of photography, including portrait, landscape, street, fashion, and wildlife photography, each requiring different skills and equipment. Photography is also being used as a tool for social change and activism.

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