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m50 black vh-30r

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As a Travel Photographer, LS-223C+EB-36 easily fits inside in my camera bag and is extremely useful during low light. Architectural Photography of Monuments where usage of a larger stand alone Tripod attracts attention and is normally not allowed. I am thankful to the Staff of Leofoto at Jagdamba for helping me in selecting the appropriate Tripod Model for its intended purpose and at an extremely competitive price. The delivery was prompt and overall it has been a 5 Star experience SANJAY ATTRI I have using Leofoto products like tripod, monopod, gimbal head, straps, clamps etc and find that there is paradigm shift in my preference for this particular brand for assuring reasons. Being a wildlife photographer with expensive heavy equipments on my shoulders but never ever doubted , the reliability and functionality of these products. The build quality is impeccable, the anesthetics very attractive with functionality that leaves nothing to desire more compared to any other world leading brand.Above all,the pricing reassurases that the quality is perhaps more than what I am paying for against the competition. Now a sincere patron for lifetime of their great wide range of world class products. My best wishes and a big thanks to their entire team. Debjyoti Nayak I have been using MECO, LEOFOTO / H&Y brand for almost 3years. I trust leofotos build quality and they're as good as the really Right Stuff. Recently I updated my gear to the Fuji GFX system which is heavier than the X system. This is when I started looking for a much more sturdy and lighter tripod which fits between both the old tripods I own. Initially I was looking into purchasing the ...... However, the staff of Leofoto helped me to decide and settle with that, Since it was a perfect match to my needs.I took the tripod to my recent trip to Spain, where I was mostly shooting Seascapes. The tripod has been exposed to salt and sand and has managed to take the beating.. ADITYA ANANT SAWANT
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