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H&Y Filters ND400 Magnetic Clip-On Filter for RevoRing (67-82mm)

H&Y Filters ND400 Magnetic Clip-On Filter for RevoRing (67-82mm)

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Key Features
  • ND400 Solid Neutral Density Filter
  • 2.7X Filter Factor, + 9-Stop
  • Fits Select 67-82mm RevoRing Products
  • Darkens Entire Image Area
  • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Allows Wider Aperture
  • 2mm Thick Optical Glass
  • Double Sided 9-Layer Multicoating
  • Water-Repellent Resistance Coating
  • Magnetic Frame

This ND400 Magnetic Clip-On ND Filter from H&Y is compatible with select 67-82mm RevoRing filters to reduce exposure by 9-stops for finer image control. The added density can be used to increase shutter speed for increased image blur, like smoothing out water surfaces or to emphasize motion. It can also be used to narrow depth of field and increase background bokeh to better isolate the subject of an image. In addition, it can help resolve the phenomenon of the "X-pattern" that can form when using a variable neutral density filter on a wide-angle lens. By adding density to increase the aperture opening, the X-pattern on the image can be reduced or eliminated.
This neutral density filter is made of 2mm-thick optical glass with multicoating for optimal light transmission, and resistance coating to repel fingerprints, oil, and water for easily cleaning. The magnetic frame attaches easily to the RevoRing, and multiple filters may be stacked for greater effect.

  • Long exposure adds movement in an image
  • Finer control over depth of field
  • Reduces "X-pattern" effect of Variable ND filters on wide-angle lenses
  • Reduce brightness in overexposed scenes
  • 2mm thick optical glass
  • Magnetic frame for use with RevoRing products
  • Double-sided 9 layer multicoating
  • Anti-fingerprint and water-repellent resistance coating
  • Multiple Clip-on filters can be stacked for increased effect
  • Compatible with still or video cameras

Compatible RevoRing Products

  • RevoRing with CPL
  • RevoRing with Variable Neutral Density & CPL
  • RevoRing with Black Mist Filter
  • Other RevoRing products without a non-detachable filter

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