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H&Y Filters REVORING Black Mist Filter (1/4)-RB4

H&Y Filters REVORING Black Mist Filter (1/4)-RB4

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The 1/4 REVORING Black Mist Filter from H&Y Filters can fit different lenses with only one accessory. The well-designed retractable blades of the filter mount on the lenses with different thread sizes. It removes blemishes and wrinkles on human faces, softens hard edges, and diffuses highlights, creating a dreamy cinematic look on photography and video creations.

46-62mm( RB4-62mm)
58-77mm (RB4-77mm)
67-82mm (RB4-82mm)

Key Features

  • Self-Retracting Blade Technology
  • Anodized Finish Prevents Corrosion
  • Lightweight and Tough
  • Architectural-Grade Aluminum
  • Designed to Overlap for Zero Light Leak

REVORING features unique self-retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lens
Each threaded end has been designed to overlap, completely removing any possibility of a light leak
All REVORING products are made using architectural-grade aluminum, keeping them lightweight and tough
The anodized finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in unpredicted elements
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