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H&Y Filters Swift Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring

H&Y Filters Swift Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring

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Key Features
  • 77mm/82mm Screw-On Magnetic Filter Ring
  • Swift System A Module Adapter Ring
  • Fits 67-82mm Magnetic Bridge Ring
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Compatible with Wide-Angle Lenses

The Swift Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring from H&Y Filters is a Swift System A Module adapter ring. It allows B Module and C Module accessories to be added to a lens with a filter thread, and is compatible with wide-angle lenses. This adapter is built with magnetic thread that can work with Magnetic Clip-on Filters, and then Swift Magnetic Bridge ring on top of it, Swift Magnetic Drop-in Filter Rack, and Swift Magnetic VND filters to be compatible with accessories like Magnetic Matte Box, Magnetic Square Filter Holder, and Magnetic Collapsible Lens Hood.

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