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MECO UV Camera Filter-86mm

MECO UV Camera Filter-86mm

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Meco UV Camera Filters

Meco UV Camera  filters can effectively filter the UV light and is wear resistant,which can also protect the lenses. It reduces the Vignette produced by UV light,prevents the UV light from burning the CCD an filters the UV light of which the wave length is less than 400/370mm. It can lighten the cool color of shadow when taking photos in the feild.

  • Basic Lens Protector with Slim Frame
  • Multi-Coating reduces reflections
  • Water Repellent Coating
  • High water repellency protects the filter from water
  • Pursue Higher Image Quality and Easier Handling
  • Amazing oil repellent performance allows easy wiping, which makes maintenance easier.
A double faced 16 layers coating technology has inimized the reflection of the filter surface and improved the transmittance of visible region of the lenses, and the average light transmittance is above 99%.
The AR coating greatly ecreases the catoptric light loss,increases transmitted strength of the light and thus enhances the image quality. A Blog on Camera Filters can be read.
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