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PGYTECH Camera Shoulder Strap (Night Black)

PGYTECH Camera Shoulder Strap (Night Black)

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The night black Camera Shoulder Strap from PGYTECH can be worn over your shoulder, around your neck, or across your body. This strap has original quick bead connectors which utilize a dead center locking mechanism. This mechanism will stay locked as long as the bead stays in place. To unlock the bead simply press the upper part of the quick connector. The loop on the quick connectors is made from three layers of woven fabric; an outer wear-resistant layer, an inner replace-warning layer, and the load bearing core. The replace-warning layer shows when it's time to replace your loop. The loops are abrasion-resistant and made from UHMWPE, a thermoplastic polyethylene that is ten times stronger than steel wire and able to support 198 lb. Quickly adjust this strap to your ideal length with the quick adjusters on both sides of the strap. This strap is made with resilient EPDM padding and has a streamlined shape for comfort and style.

Key Features
  • Quick Release Bead Connectors
  • Adjustable Length
  • Supports up to 198 lb
  • Configured with Arca-Type QR Plate
  • Sturdy 3-Layer Loops
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